Building Maintenance & Facility Management


Facility Management

Mechanical & Electrical


Machine Operations & Services

Specialist Maintenance

Jegadael Facility Management Service is a specialized department of the company that handles the corporate facility management aspect of our services. From estate services to refurbishment and remodeling, grounds maintenance, and fully-integrated management solutions, our experts deliver efficient strategies that add sufficient value to our client's facilities in the public and private sectors.

Our facility management services include building fabric and estate services, manufacturing and engineering maintenance, grounds maintenance, machine operations, and services maintenance, asset lifecycle maintenance, and lease management.

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Integral aspects of any structure include the mechanical and electrical components. The longevity of the building requires routine maintenance of these components, and our team of experts offer extensive integrated maintenance. We carry out electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and general building maintenance on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly duration as required.

Our maintenance services include minor electrical maintenance, replacement of globes, lamps, and outlets, plumbing maintenance, HVAC maintenance, and repair of locks, doors, and window frames. We develop comprehensive maintenance plans based on the building's specifications and ensure that our maintenance processes include the manufacturer's recommendations for mechanical and electrical components.

Machine Operations & Services Specialist Maintenance

Elevators, baggage conveyors, and other operational elements in a building require expert maintenance to maintain their optimum efficiency. Our experienced technicians provide their expertise in this section of our services by carrying out routine scheduled maintenance services to ensure that operations and specialized service systems are in excellent condition.

Corporate and Industry

We create turnkey single-source solutions for large corporations, banks & industries to improve efficiency and reduce non-core costs for local, regional, & pan-African operations.


As one of the top facilities management company, we combine our energy, infrastructure, and construction knowledge and experience to provide for the specific needs of manufacturing companies.


We count some of Africa’s leading hospitals among our clients. We provide premium solutions including high-quality cleaning service and catering designed to enhance patient healing.


We have served Africa’s public and private institutions for years and our facilities, cleaning and catering solutions for them remain unmatched by any other service provider.

Real Estate

We provide property management and facility management services for real estate projects and buildings, such as estates and singular buildings.

Financial Institutions

We also provide integrated facility management to financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies.


We provide professional services to government departments & institutions to ensure that public servants can focus on their mandates in well-run workspaces.


We provide professional experience in engineering, janitorial, cleaning and, top facility management to aviation companies in Nigeria.