Facility management companies provide services encompassing property management for offices, real estate, and personal buildings to ensure longevity.

JEGADAEL Mobile Standards & Logistics Ltd is one of the top facility management companies in Nigeria. We provide a range of facility management services that cover maintenance, cleaning, planning, and catering to buildings, staff, and even events.

We serve various companies, including banks, downstream and upstream companies in the oil and gas sector, web design and digital marketing companies, agricultural companies. real-estate companies and property managers, event management companies, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

The price of facilities management services is always in line with what each client needs.


If you’re looking to hire an FM company to provide facility management, call our friendly team at +2348025852543 or email info@jegadael.com to get a personalized quote.


We will assess your needs to give an FM price that suits your system and needed services.

Facility management usually covers the management of commercial buildings. That including, cleaning, security, landscaping, energy management, janitorial services, procurement & logistics, and catering.

Some facility management companies offer services to both business and private/residential clients. However, we offer the above services to businesses only.

We ensure that products and services meet a minimum standard of expected quality of our clients

We work in line with your budget and timeframe 

Please send us a mail on info@jegadael.com or Call/Whatsapp on +2348025852543

Maintenance is a core aspect of property and facility management in Lagos Nigeria and everywhere else in the country. When outsourcing facility management, always expect maintenance unless you are taking a service like procurement & logistics. Reach out to us to review and discuss your needs with you.

At Jegadael, we offer our clients quality construction service using collective skilled and multi-disciplinary contributors.


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